16 - 18


Yerevan, Armenia

Guidelines for Authors

Submitted papers should be prepared in MS Office. Presentation will be limited to 15-30 minutes, including questions and discussions. The submitted article must meet the following requirements: margins from top, bottom and right should be 20mm, from left - 30mm, text alignment - justified, line spacing – 1.5, font for Armenian - “Sylfaen”, for English and Russian - “Times New Roman”, text font size should be 12 point, headings – 14 point. Do not hyphenate words at the ends of lines and avoid using double spaces in the article.
Articles will be accepted in Armenian, Russian and English.
Heading of the article should be written in bold and UPPER CASE letters, after which the author’s name and surname, country, city/town, company name/organization, position/title/scientific degree should be given in bold and lower case letters. One blank line should be left between the heading and the first line of the main text. To emphasize or stress a word bold and italic letters should be used. References should be done according to the following principle: [e.g.: 1, page 26]. After the text the bibliography, then the summary should be given.
A completed registration form must be attached to the article in a separate file. Files of registration form and article should be named according the following principles:
• Application form: name-surname-registration, e.g.: "John-Smith-registration",
• Article: name-surname-article, e.g.: "John-Smith-article".
The files must be sent to csa@chessacademy.am by September 20, 2014.
Submitted articles will be studied by the Academic Board and the authors will be informed about the results by September 27, 2014. All costs (flight, meal and accommodation) of the authors of approved articles will be covered by the conference organizers. The conference organizers will host one representative from each federation without entrance fee, all other members of the delegation should pay entrance fee in the amount of € 50.